Fountain Of Youth Playground

Union Av bet. E 150 St and e 152 St


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This text is part of Parks’ Historical Signs Project and can be found posted within the park.

Located at the intersection of Union Avenue, East 150th Street, Tinton Avenue and East 152nd Street in the Bronx, the Fountain of Youth Playground honors the Spanish explorer, Juan Ponce De Leon (1471-1521) whose 1513 expedition was inspired by the search for the waters of eternal youth.

In 1493, Ponce De Leon first journeyed to the Caribbean as a participant in Christopher Columbus’s second voyage to America. Remaining in the New World, Ponce De Leon eventually assumed governorship over the Spanish Island of Hispaniola (presently known as Haiti and the Dominican Republic). Anxious to claim the New World’s gold, Ponce De Leon launched an invasion of Puerto Rico. Upon his conquest of the island and his subjugation of the native people, he learned of the legendary Island of Bimini. Bimini was rumored to hold vast amounts of gold, but the Spanish explorer was more interested in one of the island’s alleged rejuvenating springs.

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