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Fort Washington Park

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American Redout Marker

  • Location: Promontory north of George Washington Bridge, southwest of railroad trestle near 180th Street (cross at 181st Street Pedestrian Bridge and proceed south on greenway)
  • Architect: Reginald Pelham Bolton
  • Description: Large boulder resting on several medium-sized boulders, supported by about a dozen small boulders
  • Materials: Boulders and concrete
  • Cast: 1910
  • Dedicated: November 16, 1910
  • Donor: Fort Washington Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution
  • Inscription: 1) large boulder, front: "AMERICAN / REDOUT [sic] / 1776"

    2) medium-sized boulder, front: "[WASHI]NGTON / [CHA]PTER / D A R / 1910"

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