Fort Washington Park


American Redout Monument

What was here before? Prior to European settlement, the Lenape plied the turbulent waters of the North (Hudson) River shallows, and this promontory was a verdant… Read More

Dyckman Street Boat Marina

The Dyckman Street Boat Marina in Fort Washington Park is named for the Dyckman family who were among the original Dutch settlers of Manhattan island, and owned most of… Read More

Fort Washington Link

This small park between 155th and 158th Streets links two long stretches of public waterfront, Riverside Park and Fort Washington Park, providing continuous parkland along… Read More

Fort Washington Park - Peregrine Falcons in New York City

Fort Washington Park is one of Manhattan’s best spots for spotting peregrine falcons, due to its location underneath George Washington Bridge. The reemergence… Read More

Lily Brown Playground

This playground honors the memory of Lily Brown (1913-1996), a community leader and lifelong resident of upper Manhattan. She was born on August 7 in Washington Heights.… Read More

Monarch Butterflies in New York City - Fort Washington Link

The monarch butterfly ( Danaus plexippus ) may seem to be one of the most delicate creatures alive. But despite its frail appearance, every year the monarch makes a long… Read More

The Little Red Lighthouse

The Little Red Lighthouse stopped being used as a functional lighthouse long ago, but over the years this 40-foot-high structure has become a beacon of another kind.… Read More

Directions to Fort Washington Park

Know Before You Go

ParkFort Washington Park

The Fort Washington Pedestrian Bridge, or "Amtrak Bridge," at West 180th Street is open to the public. The width of the bridge has been narrowed for safety reasons. Bikers will be asked to dismount their bikes to cross the bridge. An active capital project will fully repair the outer support structures of the bridge and restore it to its original width. Please visit our Capital Projects Tracker to track the progress of this project.

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