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Flushing Meadows Corona Park

The Daily Plant : Monday, July 2, 2001


Bernard (Roundup) Murchison is Bronx's Employee of the Month for June. Roundup joined Parks on July 1, 1997, as a City Seasonal Aide, became a full time CPW on April 2, 2000 and currently works in District 1, which includes St. Mary's Park. Roundup's tasks range from mowing and weed-wacking to general repair and maintenance. His skill and willingness to tackle all projects, big and small, have earned him the respect of his supervisors and co-workers, and helped the District achieve ratings of 87% overall and 91% for cleanliness so far in 2001. Enthusiastic and dedicated, Roundup was nominated by Rico.

Kathleen M. (Rugosa) Rosa is Brooklyn's Employee of the Month for June. Rugosa joined Parks on July 1, 1981 as a PSW and then moved up to CPW. After receiving seasonal promotions to Gardener from 1988-1999, Rugosa became a full time Gardener in 1999. Rugosa cares for over 25 decorative annual and perennial beds throughout Brooklyn. She is also currently responsible for the planting beds at the Brooklyn Promenade and Brooklyn Borough Hall. In addition, Rugosa participates in the citywide Horticulture Training Program, and plays an active role in coordinating the Partnerships "Green-Up Day". For her hard work and green thumb, Rugosa was nominated by Liberty.

Jeremiah (Aggie) Young is Capital Projects' Employee of the Month for June. Aggie joined Parks on April 11, 1994 as a Construction Project Manager for Manhattan, and currently works in Landscape Construction. Aggie has distinguished himself as an individual with superior knowledge of all facets of the construction process, from administrative to operational. His recent projects include overseeing the landscaping at the Battery Park Promenade in Manhattan, Powell's Cove in Queens and Paddy's Field in the Bronx. Aggie meets each challenge with enthusiasm and diligence. For his contribution to Capital, Aggie was nominated by Verdante.

George F. (Poolman) Taylor is Citywide Services' Employee of the Month for June. Poolman joined Parks on January 22, 1974 as a plumber's helper, and is now a plumber at 5-Boro Technical Services. Poolman plays a critical role in the upkeep and maintenance of all eight pools in Staten Island, including one Olympic, three intermediate and four mini pools, and four additional pools in South Brooklyn. This past week, Poolman was cool under pressure, addressing last minute problems at West Brighton, Lyons, and Red Hook pools. When not working on pools, Poolman often takes on tough challenges including recent emergency work to the City Hall Park fountain. Thorough and hard working, Poolman is a longtime contributor to 5-Boro, and was nominated by Tigress.

Anthony D. (Macaroni) Macari is Management's Employee of the Month for June. Macaroni joined Parks on May 22, 2000 and works in a new role for Parks, Architect at Revenue. Macaroni reviews designs, and coordinates and monitors capital work for new or renewed Parks concessions. Macaroni is involved with projects totaling more than $100 million in improvements to the City's parks. He is involved in capital efforts at various high profile Parks sites such as Tavern on the Green, Boathouse Restaurant, Ferry Point Golf Course, Prospect Park Tennis Clubhouse, Van Cortlandt stables and Pier 36 Recreation Center. A skilled and effective new employee at Revenue, Macaroni was nominated by Greenback and Lifeguard.

Marechal (Meadowsweet) Brown is Manhattan's Employee of the Month for June. Meadowsweet joined Parks on March 15, 1999 and currently works as a Gardener in Morningside Park. Meadowsweet cares for Morningside's 30 acres and undertakes major horticulture projects such as the restoration of the Kiehl Arboretum. Meadowsweet has worked to attain additional resources for the Park. She organizes various volunteer initiatives, and has pursued outside funding through grant preparation. For her enthusiasm and success at Morningside, Meadowsweet was nominated by Borokeete.

Fernando M. (Fall Guy) Argo is Queens' Employee of the Month for June. Fall Guy began at Parks on June 7, 1977 and currently works as a Climber and Pruner in Queens Forestry. Fall Guy inspects and maintains trees throughout Queens, responds to constituent requests, and helps with other projects including recent aerial repairs to the Flushing Meadow Unisphere. Fall Guy is also helping to monitor Queens' annual $1.1 million street tree pruning contract for over 15,000 trees every year. Fall Guy is a friend to our trees and an asset to Queens. For many years of service, Fall Guy was nominated by Timber Wolf.

Dominick S. (Whitetail) Trimarco is Staten Island's Employee of the Month for June. Whitetail joined Parks on April 17, 1989 and is currently a maintenance worker in District 1, which includes Clove Lakes Park and Silver Lake Park. Whitetail works on general repairs that range from masonry to plumbing, and focuses on ratings related matter such as trip hazards, and signs. His hard work and skill have helped District 1 achieve 95.2% overall condition ratings so far in 2001. Hard working and conscientious, Whitetail was also Employee of the Month in September of 1996 as a City Park Worker. He was nominated by Meteor.

Sara B. (Whisperer) Hobel is Commissioner's Employee of the Month for June. Whisperer began with Parks on June 1, 1999 and is the Director of the Urban Park Rangers. Whisperer first came to Parks as a volunteer with the Mounted Auxiliary unit. In 1999, she was hired to replace Dogwood and direct the Rangers. Since then, she has overseen the Rangers' initiative to become more active in patrolling parkland and enforcing park rules. In addition, Whisperer has initiated a relationship with National Geographic, which has donated over $200,000 in grants to the Rangers to date. She has also helped to formalize the Rangers' role in environmental education with the Board of Education and has successfully organized Parks events, including the recent Biodiversity Day and Mongolian Festival. Smart and committed, Whisperer is a great asset to Parks. She was nominated by Kirkwood.

Prepared by Keith T. (Kermit) Kerman and Sarah (Cria) Coleman

(Tuesday, July 5, 1988)


Parks opened seven new sites where New Yorkers can launch canoes and kayaks around the city on Sunday. And to celebrate the occasion, a dozen amateur boat builders constructed "homemade" crafts of their own for a race on the chilly waters of the Hudson River. The crafts were built during the second annual "Instant Boar Contest" Saturday at the 79th Street Boat Basin in Riverside Park held by the Boat Owners Association to Survive (BOATS) to inaugurate Parks' first-ever boat launches.


On success: "Biting off more than you can chew and then chewing it."

J. G. Pollard

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There are currently 4 service interruptions affecting access within this park.


NYC Parks has removed slides in this park due to a manufacturer recall. The manufacture is currently working on an improved design and redesigned slides will be installed as soon as possible.

MarinasWorld's Fair Marina

Due to a major planned reconstruction project, Pier 1 at the World's Fair Marina is currently closed. Limited transient dockage is available for smaller recreational vessels - please contact the Dockmasters office at 718-478-0480 or VHF Ch71 for more information. There is no dockage available for larger vessels or commercial vessels, including passenger pick-up and drop-off. We apologize for any inconvenience. Please check back with the World's Fair Marina in the future for updates.
Anticipated Completion: Fall 2017

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On Friday, January 19 the basketball court will be closed from 6:00 a.m. to noon for repairs.

ParkFlushing Meadows Corona Park

Due to major ongoing construction, the northeast section of Meadow Lake is closed. This project will reduce flooding in this area. There will be access to the boathouse and Meadow Lake from the Van Wyck Expressway South Exit 11 and from Jewel Avenue. For more information about this project, please visit our Capital Project Tracker.

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