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The Daily Plant : Thursday, April 10, 2008

Cracking Down On Illegal Vehicles At Ferry Point Park

ATV Driving Illegally in a park

Recently, Bronx Parks Enforcement conducted several operations inside Ferry Point Park in an effort to address illegal dirt bikes and all terrain vehicles in the park.

The first step of the operation involved a site visit with Inspector Robert Reeves, Bronx PEP Captain William Cardoza, and District 10 Manager Mike Holoszyc and PPS William Martin. At the site visit we inspected all perimeter areas of the park to identify openings where these vehicles could enter the park, as well as identifying areas where it was felt more signage warning of the illegal vehicle operations should be posted. After the perimeter inspection we conducted an interior inspection to note areas of usage noted by the tire marks and worn areas within the interior. While there we met with the project manager who described frequent illegal ATV activity, which in turn seriously damages the grading work that they are doing. Often times this damage would cost the contractor thousands of dollars to repair, as the grading would then have to be completed again.

After the meeting we quickly reached out to the 45th Police Precinct and were put in touch with Lt. Luis Colon of their Special Operations Unit, who was quick to offer assistance.

On March 15, the first of several operations took place. The operation involved two Bronx PEP officers in plainclothes riding ATVs in the park acting as decoys and site observers. Additional officers were strategically posted along the park's perimeter where the openings that we identified were being monitored. Additional personnel were on patrol within the park, as well as on standby with a rack truck and pick up for confiscation purposes. Lt. Colon had five officers and himself assigned as well, covering both interior and perimeter patrols.

After waiting anxiously for a few hours, our break came. Perimeter units reported that two large pick up trucks hauling ATVs were parking along Emerson Avenue. Our units saw the individuals then drive their ATVs into the park. After observing them riding for a short time, our ATV decoy unit approached them and engaged in conversation. Our officers informed the two that they had observed some officers in the park and this caused the two violators to drive their ATVs towards the area they entered in an effort to avoid apprehension. Of course this drove them directly towards our awaiting units who quickly made the arrests.

The two individuals were apprehended and their ATVs subsequently confiscated and impounded at the NYPD Auto Pound as arrest evidence. Both individuals were charged with Criminal Trespass, Unlawful Operation of a Motor Vehicle, as well as Failure to Comply With Area Use Restrictions.

Follow up details were conducted on March 29 resulting in one apprehension, with the same charges and confiscation as well. The following day, March 30, resulted in three arrests, with the same charges and confiscations.

In three total days of operations, the sting resulted in six arrests and six confiscations of ATVs.

Since then the park has remained relatively quiet. Both Project Manager Ariell Stabiner and Shop Steward Iggy Casteglia have expressed their gratitude for these efforts. We will continue these operations sporadically in an effort to curtail this activity.

Special thanks should also be extended to District 10 staff, the 45th Police Precinct, Bronx PEP, our Citywide Task Force and Charlie Kingley of the small equipment repair shop who assisted us with providing vehicles for the operation and fixing the ATVs as needed.

Written by Robert Reeves


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