Echo Triangle

Echo Pl. E. Tremont Ave., Grand Concourse


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This text is part of Parks’ Historical Signs Project and can be found posted within the park.

This park and the adjacent Echo Place derive their name from a wooded glen, once situated on nearby Webster Avenue, which was famous for its echoes. Originally owned by James Buckhout, Echo Place was formerly known as Ludlow Street, from Concourse to Anthony Avenue, and Buckhout Street from Anthony Avenue to Julius Richman Park (formerly Echo Park). Echo Place received its current name in 1903.

Echo Triangle is formed by the intersection of Echo Place, East Tremont Avenue, Grand Boulevard, and Grand Concourse. The initial concept for the Grand Concourse came from the engineer Louis Risse in 1870, who intended a boulevard in the Continental style for horses and carriages. The distinctive characteristics of his design were its remarkable breadth of 182 feet and its usage of varying elevations, with underpasses at large intersections, that allowed for an “express” lane of uninterrupted traffic.

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