Dyker Beach Park


Anthony Mosomillo Memorial Courts

The Anthony Mosomillo Courts, located within Dyker Beach Park at Bay Eighth Street and Cropsey Avenue, are named for Police Officer Anthony Mosomillo (1962-1998), who was… Read More

Dyker Beach Ballfields

As early as 1639, Dutch settlers bought land from the Canarsie Native Americans in the neighborhood now known as Dyker Heights. By 1657, the area was annexed as part of… Read More

Dyker Beach Park - Horseshoe Crabs in New York City Parks

Every May and June, horseshoe crabs emerge from the Narrows and Gravesend Bay onto Dyker Beach. Female horseshoe crabs arrive on the beach to lay their eggs, with their… Read More

Dyker Beach Playground

Dyker Beach Playground, located within Dyker Beach Park, is a popular gathering place for the Dyker Heights community. As early as 1639, Dutch settlers bought land from… Read More

Directions to Dyker Beach Park

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