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The Daily Plant : Wednesday, October 24, 2001


Photo by Darah (Chance) Ross

For the 800 kids at Liberty Park in Queens, Saturday, October 20 was an athletic smorgasbord of obstacle courses and football games. Back by popular demand, for Central Recreation’s third annual Citywide Flag Football Festival, was a cheerleading showcase by Parks Cheerleading and Step Squads—Sorrentino’s Stans Pepper Steppers, Jackie Robinson’s Delta Doves, and the Von King Cheerleading Group. Valerie Monaco, the kicker for New York’s professional women’s football team, the Sharks, competed against All-American kicker Darrin Ford in a distance contest. There was also a 40-yard dash, a sports trivia contest, a tug-of-war, and an accuracy toss. The children feasted themselves on the recreational possibilities at Liberty Park, and learned about opportunities elsewhere in the city.

Parks provides recreational programs like the Flag Football League to children and adults throughout the year. This year 900 young people ages 8 to 17 are participating in flag football clinics across the city. Saturday’s festival marked the midpoint of the season, which continues until November 17.

Deputy Commissioner Robert (Iceman) Garafola; Queens Chief of Recreation Laura (Doubledog) Gili; Director of Central Recreation Katie (Catalan) Langhammer; James (The Brewer) Brown; Aaron (Ghinda) Greenberg; Jessica (Maraschino) Cherry; James (Buddy) Keaton; Geoff (Silk) Houston; Marc (DJ Mumbles) Rogers; and all the recreation staff organized this special event. One of the highlights of the day was a clinic run by the New York Sharks. Afterwards, there were activities such as face painting and board games, and treats such as prizes, t-shirts, pizza and sodas to reward participants for their sweat.


On Saturday, October 20, the youth who built it presided over the opening of the Prospect Park Youth Council Headquarters. The Prospect Park Youth Council is composed of 40 teens, new recruits as well as experienced Park Guides who have graduated from a six-month leadership training program and selected special projects to fulfill in the park. They serve as woodland guides, they maintain trails, and they intern in the offices of the Prospect Park Alliance. They represent the next generation of park and community leaders.

Today they have a headquarters, designed and constructed by young people, for young people. The building that was once the Prospect Park Bowling Green Cottage has, with the sponsorship of the Prospect Park Alliance and Home Depot, adopted a new role. It is furnished with tables, chairs, computers, and kitchen facilities. Now that the interior is finished, the Youth Council’s next project will be to landscape the grounds. The building will serve as an information center for the young people who use Prospect Park. Kids looking to learn about sports leagues, for example, will be able to visit the building for contact information. The staffers there will provide referrals for park services and social services in the neighborhood.


(Wednesday, October 26, 1988)


Among the thousands of Parkies who care for the City’s 26,000 acres of green open spaces, there exists a select group of veterans who together have devoted over two and a half centuries of service towards the betterment of our parkland. Here is a list, in order of length of service, of Parks’ "Best Vets."

A 45-year Parks veteran, Manhattan Chief of Administrative Services Mary Boyle was born in Kent, England. Boyle joined Parks in May 1943 as an Assistant Borough Chief. A year-and-a-half later Boyle left Parks and served nearly two years in the Special Services Division of the United States Marine Corps during World War II. A borough chief since March 1981, Boyle handles all administrative clerical work for Manhattan employees, such as health insurance and work evaluations.


"I always turn to the sports page first...

They record people’s accomplishments;

the front page, nothing but man’s failure."

Earl Warren

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