Cutinella Triangle

Ave. W, W. 6 St. and 86 St.


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This text is part of Parks’ Historical Signs Project and can be found posted within the park.

This triangle honors Private First Class Armond Cutinella, who died in the Battle of the Bulge (December 16, 1944 - January 25, 1945), a conclusive battle that took place toward the end of World War II.  A local hero within his Gravesend community, Cutinella’s family and friends advocated for the creation of this green space in his honor.

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Cutinella raised Armond and his 12 siblings nearby at 2215 West Seventh Street.  Married and the father of twin daughters Armanda and Arlene, Armond volunteered for the Army and became a member of the Infantry Company in the 26th Division.  Also known as the “Yankee Division,” the 26th Division was inducted on January 16, 1942 and entered the European Theatre of the war on October 12, 1944 where they were for 199 days in combat.

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