Crotona Park


Bathgate Playground

For more than a hundred years, Crotona Park has been one of the most important public parks in the Bronx, a sanctuary of rolling grass, lofty trees, baseball diamonds, a… Read More

Carter Playground

"Everyone has a right to peaceful coexistence, the basic personal freedoms, the alleviation of suffering, and the opportunity to lead a productive… Read More

Clinton Playground

One of the premier politicians in America’s history, De Witt Clinton (1769-1828), after whom Clinton Playground and the nearby Clinton Avenue are named, served as… Read More

Crotona Nature Center

What was here before? Crotona Park was once part of Andrew Bathgate’s estate. The Bathgates were managers of the vast Morris family landholding, namesake of… Read More

Crotona Park - Monarch Butterflies in New York City

The monarch butterfly ( Danaus plexippus ) may seem to be one of the most delicate creatures alive. But despite its frail appearance, every year the monarch makes a long… Read More

Crotona Pool

For outdoor pool details, including hours and rules, please visit our Free Outdoor Pools page . What was here before? Crotona Park is one of the original six… Read More

Hank Greenberg Ballfield

This ballfield was named in honor of the Major League baseball player Henry Benjamin ‘Hank’ Greenberg (1911-1986). Also called “Hammerin’… Read More

Hylan Park

This South Bronx park is named for New York City’s 96th mayor (1917-1925), John F. Hylan (1869-1936), who began his career as motorman on an elevated train line, and… Read More

Indian Lake and Boathouse

Indian Lake and the Boathouse are at the heart of 127.5 acre Crotona Park, located in the South Bronx. The name “Indian Lake” is thought to have been given by… Read More

Martin Van Buren Playground

Best known as the eighth president of the United States (1837-1841), Martin Van Buren (1782-1862) was born in Kinderhook, New York in 1782. He completed his formal… Read More

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Directions to Crotona Park

Know Before You Go

Nature Centers
Crotona Park Nature Center

The Crotona Park Nature Center is currently closed to the public as we develop the space and exhibits following a recently completed capital reconstruction. The center is expected to open to the public in Spring 2022.

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