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The Daily Plant : Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Shipwreck And A Steeplechase: Parks Cuts Ribbon On Two Parks In Staten Island

Celebrating the new nautical-themed playground at Seaside Nature Park in Staten Island.
Malcolm Pinckney

Commissioner Adrian Benepe joined Council Member Vincent Ignizio, Assemblyman Lou Tobacco, County Clerk Steve Fiala, Turn Around Friends President James Wynne, and Staten Island Parks Commissioner Adena Long yesterday to cut the ribbon on a brand new $2.49 million playground at Seaside Nature Park. Later in the day, Commissioner Benepe celebrated $4.3 million in renovations to the outdoor track and multi-purpose field at Corporal Thompson Park alongside Congressman Mike McMahon, Council Member Debi Rose, and Borough Commissioner Long.

“Today, we opened two facilities in Staten Island that will ensure that New Yorkers can maintain healthy lives and enjoy the outdoors in a variety of ways,” said Commissioner Benepe. “Following a year of renovations, we are delighted to announce that Corporal Thompson Park is now home to a state-of-the-art public outdoor track and playing field, and that children of the community can embark on a nautical adventure at Seaside Nature Park’s brand new playground.

“With a brand new running track and a synthetic turf infield, Corporal Thompson Park is now equipped to quench almost any of Staten Island’s athletic needs, from soccer to the steeplechase, and the shipwreck-themed playground at Seaside Park will bring children’s seafaring aspirations to the shore. We are grateful to former Council Member and current Congressman Mike McMahon and Vincent Ignizio, as well as Mayor Bloomberg, whose generous funding made these projects possible, and to Council Member Debi Rose for her continued support.”

The two ribbon-cutting cermonies marked the first public events in which Commissioner Benepe and newly-appointed Borough Commissioner Long shared the stage together in Staten Island.

The new facility at Corporal Thompson Park is the only public outdoor track in the borough, and is equipped for all field sports including the discus throw, shot-put, javelin, high jump, pole vault, hurdles and steeplechase. The synthetic turf field, which replaced a natural turf field, will be used for soccer and football. The renovations also included a new drainage system and benches, as well as a water fountain and spray mister.

The facility was funded by generous allocations of $2.2 million from former Council Member and current Congressman Mike McMahon and $2.1 million from Mayor Bloomberg. The renovation included new running track asphalt, new lawn, new pavements, and new benches, and a brand new synthetic turf infield.

The playground at Seaside Nature Wildlife Park is as unique as they come. It is completely nautical-themed, complementing the oceanfront property and granting children the chance to turn their ocean-inspired daydreams into reality. The new playground incorporates nature and the community’s seafaring ways with landforms, access to the water and custom play equipment. The facility includes a shipwreck, a climbing shark and Staten Island Ferry play units and swings for both toddlers and older children.

There is also a magical play lighthouse, a spray shower and sand play areas, benches, a drinking fountain and new pavements. The landscape is comprised of native seaside and salt marsh plants and the borders are edged with natural wood barrier rails and nautical themed fences. Additionally, the bulkhead was reconstructed in preparation of the next phase of the project, which will reconstruct the recreational fishing pier.

The playground was funded by generous allocations of $2.2 million from Mayor Bloomberg and $289,000 from Council Member Vincent Ignizio.

Since 2002, Parks has spent more than $145 million on 146 park improvement projects in Staten Island. Parks currently has 16 projects representing $87 million in construction and another 26 projects representing $42 million in design and bidding.

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