Conference House Park


Conference House

Conference House, the 17th century manor house on this southernmost tip of Staten Island, was named after a dramatic meeting that shaped the history of the United States.… Read More

Horseshoe Crabs in New York City Parks - Conference House Park

Every May and June, horseshoe crabs emerge from the Arthur Kill and Raritan Bay onto the beaches of Conference House Park. Female horseshoe crabs arrive on the beaches to… Read More

Invasive Phragmites - Conference House Park

Conference House Park is named for the 17th century manor house on the southernmost tip of Staten Island. On September 11, 1776, this house was the site of a conference… Read More

Monarch Butterflies in New York City - Conference House Park

The monarch butterfly (Danaus plexippus) may seem to be one of the most delicate creatures alive. But despite its frail appearance, every year the monarch makes a long… Read More

Directions to Conference House Park

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