Coney Island Beach & Boardwalk


List of Bathrooms

NameLocationOpen Year-RoundAccessible
West 8th StreetBoardwalk, near West. 8th Street Entrance
West 22nd StreetRiegelmann Boardwalk, near W. 22nd St.
Brighton 2nd Street Lifeguard StationRiegelmann Boardwalk, near Brighton 2nd St.
Stillwell Ave.Boardwalk between W. 10th St. & Stillwell Ave.
West 27th StreetBoardwalk at West 27th Street
West 2nd StreetRiegelmann Boardwalk, near W. 2nd St.
West 16th StreetBoardwalk at West 16th Street
West 33rd StreetBoardwalk at West 33rd Street
W. 33 ST Comfort
Brighton 2nd StreetBrighton 2nd Street & BoardwalkAccessible

Directions to Coney Island Beach & Boardwalk

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