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The ice skating rinks listed below offer a safe way to celebrate the cold weather. Please call rinks before your visit to confirm hours, as outdoor skating rink schedules can change due to weather conditions.

Important Ice Safety Guidelines

  • Never go on frozen waters.
  • Parents and caregivers should make sure children are never unattended near ice.
  • If you hear cracking, lie down immediately to try to distribute your weight.
  • If you witness someone falling through ice, never attempt to make a rescue by yourself. Call 911 and notify the proper authorities. Be sure to give the exact location and an account of the incident.

List of Ice Skating Rinks

NameLocationPhoneAccessibleMore Info
WWII Veterans War Memorial Ice Skating RinkVictory Blvd., west of Clove Rd.(718) 720-1010
More Information

This ice skating rink is currently closed.

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