Clove Lakes Park

 Great Trees

List of Great Trees

NameLocationNotesMore Details
Tulip TreeNear the corner of Clove Road and Forest AvenueThe tulip tree at the corner of Clove Road and Forest Avenue in Clove Lakes Park is possibly the largest single-trunked great tree in the city. The species is part of the magnolia family, and have two-inch tulip-shaped flowers with petals that are a pale greenish yellow with an orange base. Tulip trees are some of the tallest hardwoods in North America and can grow to more than 200 feet.More Details
Willow OakOn the shore of Clove Lake, 150 feet north of Victory Boulevard, near the basketball courts.The pair of willow oaks at Clove Lakes Park, can be found on the shore of Clove Lake. The two specimens showcase the size of the beautiful trees. Their leaves resemble those of willows.More Details

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