Church Triangle

Castlehill Ave., Watson Ave., Cross Bronx Exwy. Svc. Rd. S.


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This text is part of Parks’ Historical Signs Project and can be found posted within the park.

According to the 1925 photograph on the wall of the landmarked Joe and Joe’s Restaurant on Castle Hill Avenue in the Bronx, Church Triangle looked very much in 1925 as it does today: a grassy triangle enclosed by a wrought iron fence, renovated in 1996 through mayoral funds of $16,540, with a tree, a flag, and a monument to the men of Unionport who died in World War I. The members of American Legion Post #1065 stage an annual procession to the triangle two weeks before Memorial Day to lay wreaths at the foot of the ten-foot column. Acquired by the city through condemnation in 1914, it was turned over to Parks in 1919. Commissioner Stern officially named it Church Triangle in 1998, but its original name was Church Square, its shape notwithstanding, and that is how it is still known in the neighborhood.

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