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The Rowers


This text is part of Parks’ Historical Signs Project and can be found postedwithin the park.

This bronze group sculpture depicting two figures in a rowboat commemorates philanthropists Carl and Adeline Loeb, who donated the Loeb Boathouse. Artist Irwin Glusker sculpted the block-like piece, which features a cross-section of deep water looming underneath two seemingly unsuspecting boaters. The piece was dedicated in 1968 and sits on the terrace in front of the boathouse

In 1953, the Loebs donated the neo-classical brick boathouse at Central Park’s Conservatory Water near 74th Street, which replaced an 1873 building by Central Park co-designer Calvert Vaux (1824–1895). When the boathouse was renovated in 1968, the sculpture was installed to honor the Loebs. The sculpture was originally installed on a concrete base before it was replaced in 1980 with a more durable granite pedestal.

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The Rowers Details

  • Location: Terrace in front of Loeb Boathouse; East Drive at 75th St.
  • Sculptor: Irwin Glusker
  • Description: Group of two figures on integral plinth on pedestal, with plaque
  • Materials: Group and plinth--bronze; original pedestal--concrete; replacement pedestal--black granite (polished)
  • Dimensions: Group H: 9½" W: 1'3½" D: 9½"; Plinth H: 3' W: 2' D: 2'; Pedestal H: 9" W:2' D: 2'
  • Cast: 1968
  • Dedicated: Spring 1968
  • Foundry: Roman Bronze Works, Inc.
  • Donor: DPR

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