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Arsenal Mural

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  • Location: Arsenal lobby
  • Description: Mural covering north, east, and south walls of lobby, and continuing on west wall at balcony level; complementary painted decoration of west wall and two columns at lobby level
  • Materials: Oil on canvas applied to walls
  • Dimensions: North wall H: 7'½" W: 20'; East wall H: 21'4½" W: 33'11"; South wall H: 7'½" W: 20'; West wall, lobby level H: 12'8" W: 25' (approximate); West wall, balcony level H:7'6½" W: 33'11"
  • Cast: 1937
  • Dedicated: 1937
  • Donor: Works Progress Administration
  • Inscription: 1) east wall, large oval medallion left of main door: "[cursive] 'To House and Protect the Arms of the State' /---/ This building was erected to replace the old Arsenal built in eighteen hundred and eight [...]"

    2) east wall, small oval medallion left of main door: "5TH N.Y. VOL. / DURYEA'S ZOUAVES / 1861"

    3) east wall, large oval medallion right of main door: "[cursive] 'What the Past Had Accomplished to Imitate and Excel' /---/ To form and promote a taste for the beautiful by presenting models for study [...]"

    4) east wall, small oval medallion right of main door: "DRUMMER / 7TH REGIMENT / 1860"

    5) west wall, balcony level, left to right: "CENTRAL PARK"; "BRONX PARK"; "PROSPECT PARK"; "VAN CORTLANDT PARK"

    6) west wall, lobby level, far right door: "MAINTENANCE / AND / OPERATIONS /---/ MANHATTAN"

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