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Central Park


McGown's Pass

McGown’s Pass, part of the escarpment that crosses Manhattan around 106th Street, consists of two rock outcrops located on either side of Kingsbridge Road. The Pass… Read More

Mother Goose Statue

Frederick George Richard Roth (1872-1944) created this whimsical sculpture of Mother Goose and her related fables. The statue consists of the central figure of a witch… Read More

Robert Burns Statue

This statue of Scottish national poet Robert Burns (1759–1796), companion to the 1872 Sir Walter Scott (1771–1832) across Literary Walk, is by Sir John Steell… Read More

Romeo and Juliet

This bronze piece in front of the Delacorte Theater depicts the doomed lovers of celebrated playwright and poet William Shakespeare’s (1564–1616) tragic play… Read More

Sculptures at the Zoo

Animal sculptures abound in Central Park, but the largest concentration can be found in or near the Wildlife Center. In 1934, the first year of Commissioner Robert… Read More

Seneca Village

Although the reason for the name Seneca Village is unknown, recent historical and geophysical research has uncovered a great deal of information about this unique… Read More

Sheep Meadow

Like all the landscapes in Central Park, this beautiful 15 acre lawn known as Sheep Meadow is man-made. The Greensward Plan of 1858, the winning entry in the design… Read More

Simon Bolivar Statue

One of a trio of bronze equestrian sculptures representing Latin American leaders, the Simon Bolivar statue commemorates a military general and advocate of… Read More

Sir Walter Scott

This larger-than-life-sized bronze portrait of Scottish novelist and poet Sir Walter Scott (1771–1832) was dedicated on the “Literary Walk” in Central… Read More

Sophie Irene Loeb Fountain

Frederick George Richard Roth (1872–1944) created this decorative, reinforced concrete drinking fountain inspired by Lewis Carroll’s children’s story… Read More

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