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Captain Tilly Park

Highland Ave., 85 Ave. bet. 165 St. and Chapin Pkwy.


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This text is part of Parks’ Historical Signs Project and can be found posted within the park.

Captain George H. Tilly Park is named for a local son of a prominent Jamaica family, who was killed while fighting in the American subjugation of the Philippines in 1899. By provision of the Treaty of Paris in 1899, the United States annexed the Philippine Islands, a former Spanish colony, as a prize for its victory over Spain in the Spanish American War (1898). Having removed Spanish rule, the United States sought to impose its own will upon the Philippines, but was met with resistance from Filipino rebels seeking independence from foreign rule. This conflict continued in many guises until the Philippines gained independence in 1945.

Captain Tilly (1863-1899) was assigned to the Army Signal Corp and stationed at Lloilo, Philippines, on the Isle de Panay during the war. On May 22, 1899, Tilly was dispatched to Escalante on the Isle de Negros to repair a damaged telegraph cable, and journeyed there with a small group aboard the steamer Recorder. Althoug…

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Directions to Captain Tilly Park

  • Welcome to Captain Tilly Park
  • Captain George H. Tilly Monument
  • Captain Tilly Playground
  • Goose Lake at Captain Tilly Park

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