Callahan-Kelly Playground

Fulton St., Truxton St., bet. Eastern Pkwy. and Van Sinderen Ave.


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This playground is named for William E. Callahan and Edward E. Kelly, local soldiers who died during World War I. Callahan, who lived nearby at 98 Hinsdale Street, was a Corporal in Company L of the 305th Infantry and was killed in action at the Battle of the Argonne on October 2, 1918. Kelly, who also lived only blocks away at 1330 Herkimer Street, was a Private in Company G of the 23rd Infantry, and later the 106th Infantry, and was killed in action at the Battle of Dickie Bush Farm on September 2, 1918. Kelly and Callahan were among more than 116,000 American men killed in World War I.

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  • Callahan-Kelly Playground
  • Callahan-Kelly Playground

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