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NameLocationNotesMore Details
Common PawpawBrooklyn Botanical GardenKnown for its edible banana-like fruit and large, umbrella-like leaves, the Common Pawpaw belongs to the custard apple family and was planted in 1932.More Details
Caucasian Wing NutOn the Flatbush Avenue side of the Brooklyn Botanic Garden just north of the Rock GardenThe Caucasian wing nut was first received from Rome in 1922. Native from the Caucasus to Iran, this specimen is known for its large low limbs and for the dense mass of exposed roots growing outwards in vivid patterns from the central trunk.More Details
Chinese Parasol TreeBrooklyn Botanical Garden - South of the Rock GardenLocated south of the Rock Garden, the Chinese parasol tree was sent to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden by the Yokohama Nursery in Japan in 1925.More Details
Mountain WinterberrySouth side of the Rock GardenThe mountain winterberry, located on the south side of the Rock Garden, is among the 12,000 plants that were advertised when the Brooklyn Botanic Garden was founded in 1910.More Details
Kansas HawthornAcross from the Lily PondThe Kansas hawthorn located just across from the Lily Pond is a national and New York State Champion Tree. It was donated by the Parks Department of Rochester, New York in 1912 and is known for the flaming red foliage it produces in October and its abundance of dark crimson berry-like fruit.More Details

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