Bronx Park


Allerton Ballfields

These ballfields honor Daniel Allerton (1818-1877) an early Bronx settler who purchased and farmed this area with his wife Hustace. Allerton was a descendent of Isaac… Read More

Ben Abrams Playground

Ben Abrams (1907-1984) operated a neighborhood luncheonette for many years on nearby Holland Avenue. He was an active member of the Hubert H. Humphrey Democratic Club,… Read More

Bronx Park - the Forests of New York City

Although Bronx Park is best known as the site of the Bronx Zoo and New York Botanical Garden, it also contains one of the few natural streamside landscapes remaining in… Read More

Bronx Park: August 2005 Park of the Month

Bronx Park is August’s Park of the Month. The 718-acre park boasts some of the city’s most ecologically significant wildlife, including the Bronx River… Read More

Bronx River

The glad spring gushing from the rock’s bare bosom Sweet sights, sweet sounds, all sights, all sounds excelling Oh! ‘twas a ravishing spot formed for a… Read More

Cunnion-Hourigan-McCarthy-Gall Fields

What was here before? These ballfields are part of Bronx Park, named for sea captain Jonas Bronck (1600-1643) who settled the area. He built a stone home in what is… Read More

French Charley’s Playground

This playground honors the memory of Charley Mangin who owned a nearby French restaurant in the 1890s. His establishment, in the heart of a small French enclave of the… Read More

Niles Triangle

Niles Triangle, named for William White Niles (1861-1935), is located along Bronx Boulevard at East 226 Street. The site was acquired as part of the greater Bronx… Read More


Ranaqua, the Bronx headquarters of NYC Parks, is located in the southeastern part of Bronx Park, east of the northbound lanes of the Bronx River Parkway. The name is… Read More

Reiss Field

Reiss Field and nearby Reiss Place both honor German-American émigré George Reiss (1846-1911). A progressive landowner, Reiss was favorably known in business… Read More

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Directions to Bronx Park

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