Broadway Malls


Broadway Malls - 59th to 72nd Streets

The first section of the Broadway Malls runs through one of the cultural centers of the city and is marked by the grand buildings along the way. The City first acquired… Read More

Broadway Malls - 72nd to 96th Streets

This section of the Broadway Malls runs through the heart of the Upper West Side, and passes by many City landmarks. The City first acquired the land for Broadway, or… Read More

Number 11 Perspectives Sculpture

Located in the center median of Broadway, just north of 106th Street, this abstract sculpture, made of intersecting welded steel sections with jagged and straight edges,… Read More

Park Information

Directions to Broadway Malls

  • Broadway Malls (between 60th & 72nd streets)
  • Broadway Malls 72nd Street Station
  • Broadway Malls (Between 96th and 110th Streets)
  • Broadway Malls (Between 886th and 96th Streets)

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