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Boone Slope

Boone Slope

This text is part of Parks’ Historical Signs Project and can be found posted within the park.

Located on the south side of the Cross-Bronx Expressway, bounded by its namesake, Boone Avenue, and West Farms Road, the origin of Boone Slope’s peculiar name is uncertain. It has been suggested that the land was originally named for John H. Bones, a late 19th century landowner who lived in the area. The reason for the corruption in the name may come from the sensibilities of local residents: maps of 1883 show a small cemetery nearby, making Bones a somewhat inappropriate name for the surrounding streets and greenery.

The City obtained Boone Slope in conjunction with the large land purchases made for the construction of the Cross-Bronx Expressway between 1948 and 1963. The six-lane expressway crosses train, sewer, subway, and utility lines, 113 roads and seven highways, none of which could be disrupted by the construction. More than 4,000 residential properties were condemned and demolished to clear a path for the artery. Much of the land cleared on either side of the expressway, once used for storing construction materials and equipment, has come under the jurisdiction of Parks.

Boone Slope is located where the Cross-Bronx and Sheridan Expressways intersect. Construction of the Sheridan Expressway, which connects the Cross-Bronx and Bruckner Expressways, began in 1958. It is named for Arthur V. Sheridan (1899-1952), Bronx Borough Commissioner of Public Works from 1942 until his death. Sheridan, who oversaw the beginnings of the Cross-Bronx construction, was a loyal supporter of Arterial Coordinator Robert Moses (1888-1981). In a stroke of tragic irony, Sheridan died in a car accident.

The park was named Boone Slope in 1997. In the same year, a renovation of the site featured new chain-link fencing, guiderails and steel fences. It offers a small, welcome spot of green by the side of two busy roads. The land is under the legal jurisdiction of the Department of Transportation and maintained by Parks.

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