Blue Heron Park

Amboy Rd., Barclay Ave., Hylan Blvd. and Bertram Ave.

Staten Island

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This text is part of Parks’ Historical Signs Project and can be found posted within the park.

This park is named after the gray-feathered predatory bird with a yellow bill, the blue heron (Ardea herodias). A hand-sculpted blue heron greets visitors at the entrance to the park.

The blue heron can be found throughout much of the New York area. Reaching more than four feet in height, it can typically be spotted standing at the edge of a pond or marsh, watching for fish or frogs. These animals make up their main diet, though they will also eat small mammals, reptiles, and smaller birds on occasion. Most herons migrate south in the fall, and those that remain in the north often fall victim to severe weather.

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Directions to Blue Heron Park

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