Bloomingdale Playground

Bloomingdale Playground

This text is part of Parks’ Historical Signs Project and can be found posted within the park.

Formerly known as P.S. 145 Playground, this parkland was renamed in 1997 to reflect the rich history of the area. The Upper West Side was named Bloomingdale by 17th century Dutch and Flemish settlers after a town near Haarlem in the Netherlands. The word “bloomingdale” is an adaptation of the Dutch word “bloomendaal,” or “vale of flowers,” which reflected the geography of the area before it was leveled and developed. In Knickerbocker’s History of New York, Washington Irving described the area as “a sweet rural valley, beautiful with many a bright flower, refreshed by many a pure streamlet, and enlivened here and there by a delectable little Dutch cottage, sheltered under some sloping hill; and almost buried in embowering trees.”

Amsterdam Avenue, which forms one of this park’s borders, is another reminder of the Dutch presence. Amsterdam, the capital of Holland, had played an important role in the New World economy during the 1700s. The street was originally part of Tenth Avenue, but residents renamed it Amsterdam Avenue in 1890 to honor the area’s first settlers, and also in the hopes that the name change would increase neighborhood property values.

Bloomingdale Playground and P.S. 145 (known as the Bloomingdale School) replaced the old P.S. 105 in 1958 when City officials deemed the building substandard. The playground opened on September 12, 1962, under the jurisdiction of the Board of Estimate.  In November 1963, the playground was transferred from the Board of Estimate to the joint operation of NYC Parks and the Board of Education.  Its facilities originally included a roller skating court, a ball court, swings, seesaws, slides, a comfort station, and a spray shower. 

In 1989, the playground underwent a comprehensive renovation, which included a bridge, climbing structure with a slide, and swing sets. In 1998, the playground’s safety surfacing and play equipment were replaced.  In 2018, reconstruction started on the park as part of the Community Parks Initiative – a multi-faceted program to increase the accessibility and quality of parks throughout the five boroughs. This project reconstructed the basketball courts, paths, benches, spray shower, plantings, play equipment, and adult fitness equipment. The redesign improves accessibility for children and adults of all mental and physical abilities, ensuring this playground remains an important asset for the Upper West Side community.  

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