Bensonhurst Park

Cropsey Ave. bet. 21 Ave. and Bay Pkwy.


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With a variety of sports and activities, Bensonhurst Park is a beloved summer community destination. This park is one of the largest parks along the Brooklyn waterfront, serving the Bensonhurst and Bath Beach neighborhoods.

The park can get popular on summer weekends, with a wide variety of things to do. Park goers can relax on the large circular central lawn, play basketball & baseball/softball, or try out some of the most popular handball courts in the city. A children's playground offers two play areas, a pair of swings, and plenty of shade from nearby trees. Towards the water on the Bay Parkway side, you can find another section of the park that contains eight hard-court tennis courts perfect for tennis season. From here, you can also bring a bike and begin your journey along the Shore Parkway Greenway.

Directions to Bensonhurst Park

  • Bensonhurst Park
  • Bensonhurst Park
  • Bensonhurst Park baseball field

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