Bayside Playground

Beach Channel Dr. bet. Beach 104 St. and Seaside Ave.


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This text is part of Parks’ Historical Signs Project and can be found posted within the park.

Bayside Playground, originally named J.H.S. 180 Playground after the adjoining school, is located in Rockaway, Queens. The name Rockaway was probably derived from the Delaware or Chippewa Native American words for “sandy place,” which was interpreted as “Rockaway’” by the European colonizers of the 17th century.

The land constituting Rockaway was owned by a number of prominent families during the Colonial era, most notably the Cornell family. After a partition suit divided the plot in 1808, the parcels were sold to outsiders including the Rockaway Association, which began to build exclusive resorts in 1833. During the 1890s, a variety of amusement parks were built. In 1898, the Village of Rockaway Park was incorporated into New York City.

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  • Bayside Playground (JHS 180)
  • Bayside Playground (JHS 180)
  • Bayside Playground (JHS 180)

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