The Battery


Shellfish in New York City - Battery Park

Battery Park rests on the southern tip of Manhattan, overlooking New York Harbor. At one time, the waters of this area were filled with boats attempting to harvest… Read More

The Immigrants

Sculptor Luis Sanguino (b. 1934) celebrates the diversity of New York City and the struggle of immigrants in this heroic-sized bronze figural group. The sculpture depicts… Read More

Walloon Settlers Monument

This nearly ten-foot-tall granite stele was designed by noted architect Henry Bacon (1866–1924).  The monument and its gilded inscription commemorates the… Read More

Wireless Operators Monument

Italian physicist and inventor Guglielmo Marchese Marconi (-1874–1937) carried out the first successful experiments of wireless technology in 1895 in Bologna. For… Read More

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Directions to The Battery

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