Baisley Pond Park

N. Conduit Ave., 116 Ave. bet. 150 St., Suptin Blvd., and Baisley Blvd. S.


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No matter what you expect from your park, whether it's a place to play tennis, handball, basketball, and cricket; space to run, bike, and rollerblade; playgrounds for your child's enjoyment; peaceful, shady alcoves for picnicking; or an urban natural habitat for your personal study of plant and animal life, there's a good chance you can find your niche at Baisley Park.

A happy new discovery for the thousands who attend its Southern Queens Gospel Fest and puppet shows each summer, the parkland has a history dating back tens of thousands of years.  In fact, while dredging the bottom of Baisley Pond shortly after its acquisition in the late 1800s, Brooklyn city workers unearthed the remains of an American Mastodon (Mammut Americanum), including five molars and a bone fragment, buried in the sediment.  The Mastodon likely lived here after the retreat of the ice from Long Island approximately 10,000 years ago!  Today, a sculpture of a mastodon in Sutphin Playground commemorates the discovery and makes for a unique playmate.

Visit the park and see why ancient creatures and modern moms and athletes alike are drawn to this land.

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