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The Daily Plant : Thursday, April 17, 2008

Aristotle Comes to Athens Square Park

Bust of Aristotle
Photo by Malcolm Pinckney

Aristotle said, “The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance.”

Celebrating the significance of the famed Greek philosopher, a bronze bust of Aristotle was unveiled in Athens Square Park in Queens on April 5. The bust was a gift from the people of Halkidiki, Greece to the City of New York.

The Aristotle bust was sculpted by George V. Tsaras of Greece and is a gift from the people of Halkidiki, a peninsula in the Greek region of Macedonia. Since the 1980s, Athens Square Inc. has been bringing Greek culture to Athens Square Park by adding a meeting place designed to look like a Greek amphitheatre. The square features three other sculptures including three granite Doric columns that replicate classical Greek architecture, and statues of the philosopher Socrates and the goddess of heroic endeavors Athena, which was given to the park from the City of Athens, Greece.

Since 1967, collaborations with art organizations and artists have produced more than 1,000 public art displays in New York City parks. Parks & Recreation’s public art program has consistently fostered the creation and installation of public art in parks throughout the five boroughs. With more than 1,300 works, including more than 300 sculptures, New York City parks are the largest municipal outdoor art museum in the United States.


On April 7, PS Jack Rohan observed a U-Haul Rental Truck at the Southeast corner of Dyckman Street & the Harlem River Drive with several occupants that he believed may be dumping in Highbridge Park. PS Rohan quickly called for a PEP unit to respond. Within minutes Sergeant Andrea Fonseca arrived on the scene. After assessing the area she noticed that several sections of wrought iron fencing were missing from that immediate area. Three individuals were also observed and after some questioning it was determined that the U-Haul truck belonged to these individuals. Having probable cause, Sgt. Fonseca asked the driver to open the back doors of the truck. Lo and behold inside the truck were four (4) four-foot sections of fencing. Sgt Fonseca called for back up and Ranger Sgt. Rakeem Taylor, UPR Nicole Reyes, PEP Sgt. Marlena Poelz-Giga, and PEP Officers Lashaun Jones and Raymond Robles arrived on the scene. Officers from the 34th Pct also arrived led by Sgt Morgan.

The three individuals were placed under arrest and transported to the 34th Precinct. Park Supervisor Rohan returned to the scene to take photos to be used as arrest evidence.

The U-Haul truck was also seized as evidence. Inside the U-Haul truck were seven receipts from a scrap metal yard where these individuals were apparently taking metal/iron items in exchange for cash.

All three individuals were charged with Criminal Mischief in the 3rd Degree, Criminal Possession of Stolen Property in the 5th Degree and Petit Larceny. Detectives from the 34th Precinct quickly took over the investigation quickly questioning the individuals as well as the manager of the scrap metal yard in an effort to look into similar thefts in the area over the past several months. As of this writing the investigation is continuing.

Written by Robert Reeves


“Never apologize for showing feeling. When you do so, you apologize for truth.”

Benjamin Disraeli
(1804 - 1881)

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