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Astoria Park

Capital Projects

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In order to invest in the care of our parks, we must regularly redesign and rebuild our city’s parks and facilities. We do this through designing, procuring, and building capital projects. Find out more information about capital projects taking place within this park by choosing a project below.

Active Projects

Astoria Park Diving Pool Reconstruction as a Plaza24-02 19th Street, between 23rd Street and 23rd Drive, Queens.
Astoria Park ReconstructionAstoria Park bounded by Shore Boulevard, RFK (Triborough) Bridge, 19th street and Astoria Park South
Astoria Park Sewer InstallationLocated off of Shore Boulevard between 23rd Terrace and 23rd Drive
Bronx & Queens Oil to Gas-Fired Burner Conversion (CNYG-1814M)Astoria Park South, 21 Street, Hoyt Avenue, Ditmars Boulevard, East River
Citywide Ballfield Lighting Installation (CNYG-2815M)Astoria Park South, 21 Street, Hoyt Avenue, Ditmars Boulevard, East River
Citywide Comfort Station and Park Facility Reconstruction (CNYG-515MA1)Shore Boulevard Opposite 23 Avenue
Citywide Electrical System Reconstruction for Comfort Stations & Parks Facilities (CNYG-615M)Shore Boulevard Opposite 23 Avenue

Completed Projects

Citywide Deteriorated Electrical Systems Reconstruction (CNYG-1611MA)
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Queens East River and North Shore Greenway Construction
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How We Build Parks

Visit our How We Build Parks page to learn more about the three main phases of the city’s capital process and how a project becomes eligible for capital funding.

Directions to Astoria Park

Know Before You Go

BathroomsAstoria Park (Charybdis Playground)

The bathroom at Charybdis Playground is closed due to construction on the sewer line.

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