Astoria Park


Astoria Pool

For outdoor pool details, including hours and rules, please visit our Free Outdoor Pools page . What was here before? At one time local children swam in the… Read More

Charybdis Playground

What was here before? This site was originally inhabited by the Canarsee tribe. Local inhabitants grew crops, fished in the East River, and drew water from Linden… Read More

General Slocum Disaster

On the morning of June 15, 1904, the steamboat General Slocum caught fire in the East River with approximately 1,300 people on board, including many children. In the… Read More

Long Island War Memorial

The architectural firm of Ruehl and Warren designed this classical memorial in Astoria Park. The monument consists of a 20-foot wide and 10-foot high base of granite… Read More

The Atlantic Flyway - Astoria Park

The bald eagle, a national symbol of strength and freedom, was formerly listed as an endangered species. Although this majestic bird no longer nests here, it can still be… Read More

Directions to Astoria Park

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