Alice Austen Park


Buono Beach

Matthew “Giggy” Buono (1942-1968) was the 39th Staten Islander to be killed in the Vietnam War. A graduate of New Dorp High School, Buono lived with his wife… Read More

Horseshoe Crabs in New York City Parks - Buono Beach

Every May and June, horseshoe crabs emerge from the Narrows onto Buono Beach near Alice Austen Park. Female horseshoe crabs arrive on the beach to lay their eggs, with… Read More

Shellfish in New York City - Alice Austen House & Park

Alice Austen House and Park rests on Northern Staten Island overlooking New York Harbor. At one time, the waters of this area were filled with boats attempting to harvest… Read More

Directions to Alice Austen Park

  • Alice Austen Park

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