Van Cortlandt Park


Tibbetts Brook

Tibbetts Brook is a small stream that begins its journey just north of the Bronx in the City of Yonkers and flows south into Van Cortlandt Park. The stream cuts through… Read More

Van Cortlandt Forest - the Forests of New York City

More than half of Van Cortlandt Park’s 1,146 acres consists of forest. A varied topography of high, rocky ridges alternating with low, moist valleys provides the… Read More

Van Cortlandt Golf Course

The Van Cortlandt Golf Course opened on July 6, 1895, as the first public municipal golf course in the United States. That spring, prominent members of the Mosholu… Read More

Van Cortlandt House Museum

As the Bronx’s oldest house, the Van Cortlandt House Museum testifies to the vivid and eclectic history of New York’s second largest park. The… Read More

Van Cortlandt Park

What was here before? Some twenty thousand years ago, New York was buried beneath massive glaciers. When the ice receded, it left behind the distinct landscape… Read More

Van Cortlandt Park - Glaciers in New York City

The characteristic sketch of Van Cortlandt Park—steep ridges, smooth hillsides, and open flats—was carved by glaciers. The most recent ice age began about 1.5… Read More

Van Cortlandt Park - the Wetlands of New York City

Tibbett’s Brook cuts through soft Inwood marble on its way from Westchester to Spuyten Duyvil.  Before dividing into a concrete conduit, it feeds the Van… Read More

Van Cortlandt Stadium

Located along Broadway and West 242 Street, Van Cortlandt Stadium takes its name from the Van Cortlandt Family who occupied the land from 1699 to 1888. The… Read More

Vault Hill

My body I commit to the earth, to be buried in a family vault which I intend to build on my plantation. If I do not cause the vault to be built in my lifetime, my… Read More

Woodlawn Playground

Woodlawn Playground lies within Van Cortlandt Park, near Van Cortlandt Park East and East 239th Street, and takes its name from the adjacent neighborhood and cemetery.… Read More

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Directions to Van Cortlandt Park

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