Van Cortlandt Park


John Muir Trail

By hiking a nature trail, you honor the spirit of John Muir. This great Scottish-American preservationist can be considered the father of our National Parks, and founder… Read More

Kelly Fields

These fields are named in honor of Frank Kelly (1937-1971), a devoted North Riverdale community leader, whose local contributions extend beyond his unduly short life. An… Read More

Kingsbridge Burial Ground

What was here before? The Kingsbridge Burial Ground is located on the grounds of Van Cortlandt Park and dates to the 17th century. This plot of land was used by… Read More

Kingsbridge Green

Kingsbridge Green, like the nearby neighborhood, is named for the first bridge to connect Manhattan to the mainland. Frederick Philipse constructed the King’s… Read More

Mario Merola Grove

This grove of pine trees is dedicated to Mario Merola (1922-1987), the pugnacious Bronx District Attorney who convicted David Berkowitz (“Son of Sam”) and led… Read More

Memorial Grove

Memorial Grove was originally planted as a living tribute to the local servicemen who lost their lives while fighting for their country. Designed in 1949 by the Parks… Read More

Parade Ground

The Van Cortlandt Park Parade Ground has been a center of activity for centuries. The Wiechquaeskeck tribe of the Lenape nation originally inhabited the land and used it… Read More

Sachkerah Woods Playground: July 2007 Park of the Month

Sachkerah Woods Playground, located in the southeast corner of Van Cortlandt Park, is July's Park of the Month. The recently reconstructed playground features new… Read More

Southwest Playground

The land around Southwest Playground, as well as the adjacent Kingsbridge Green, was originally a freshwater marsh. Tibbett’s Brook, which runs south from… Read More

The John Kieran Nature Trail

John Kieran (1892-1981) was a writer and amateur naturalist who loved Van Cortlandt Park. Born in the Bronx, Kieran attended City College and Fordham University. In… Read More

Directions to Van Cortlandt Park

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