Van Cortlandt Park


Algernon Sydney Sullivan Fountain

This ornamental horse trough and drinking fountain honors jurist Algernon Sydney Sullivan (1826–1887). It is adjacent to the Van Cortlandt Park Golf House and Lake,… Read More

Allen Shandler Recreation Area

Born January 9, 1951, to Frank and Sylvia Shandler, Allen Shandler was a local boy known for his vigor and integrity. In 1962, at just eleven years old, he was diagnosed… Read More

Classic Playground

Playgrounds and play equipment have always been designed with the goal of developing child creativity and improvisation. Classic Playground is named for the collection… Read More

Croton Woods

Croton Woods is named for the Old Croton Aqueduct that once ran through Van Cortlandt Park. In 1833, New York City’s water supply was inadequate and, when faced… Read More

Enslaved African Burial Ground

Located along the eastern edge of the Kingsbridge Burial Ground, this area has been identified as a burial site of enslaved Africans who lived on the Van Cortlandt family… Read More

General Josiah Porter Statue

Who is this monument dedicated to? General Josiah Porter (1830–1894) is reputed to have been the first Harvard College graduate to enlist in the Union Army… Read More

Grand Central Stones

The Grand Central Stones in Van Cortlandt Park are a surprising and important part of the history of Grand Central Terminal, one of the nation’s most important… Read More

Gun Hill Meadow

Gun Hill Meadow is named for a January 25, 1777 Revolutionary War battle that took place near this site. Gun Hill Road, then known as Kingsbridge Road, was an important… Read More

Healy Field

This ball field honors Sean Healy (1960-1990) an assistant district attorney and Woodlawn native.  Born on August 24, 1960, Healy was the youngest of five children… Read More

Indian Field

This tract of land honors Chief Abraham Ninham and the 17 Mohican Indians who died here during a mission to aid the Americans in the Revolutionary War. On August 31,… Read More

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Directions to Van Cortlandt Park

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