Van Cortlandt Park

 Great Trees

List of Great Trees

NameLocationNotesMore Details
Common Horsechestnuts (3)On the east lawn of Van Cortlandt Mansion.The common horsechestnuts on the east lawn of the Van Cortlandt mansion are said to stand like sentries at the gate of history. Built in 1748, the Van Cortlandt Mansion is the oldest building in the Bronx, and it provided a roof for George Washington: twice in defeat and once in triumph.More Details
White AshEast side of the entrance to the cross country trailThe white ash on the east side of the entrance to the cross country trail, not far from Van Cortlandt Mansion, stands tall and strong as it towers over the thousands of runners that pass below it each year.More Details

Directions to Van Cortlandt Park

Know Before You Go

Nature CentersVan Cortlandt Nature Center

Van Cortlandt Nature Center will be closed Sunday, August 22, due to the dangerous conditions predicted as an effect of Hurricane Henri.

Outdoor PoolsVan Cortlandt Pool

Van Cortlandt Pool is temporarily closed a result of heavy rain from remnants of Hurricane Ida.

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