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The Daily Plant : Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A Job Well Done at Van Cortlandt Pool

Staff pose in front of Van Cortlandt Park Pool
Photo by Malcolm Pinckney

Extra Extra! This summer, the New York Daily News visited many of our public pools and they cited Van Cortlandt Park Pool as being the best in the Bronx. On July 5, they wrote of Van Cortlandt, “A swimmer's dream. Lockers are plentiful, the crowd is well-behaved and there's lots of room to practice the backstroke. There were also four lifeguards - the most we saw - including one in the water. Room to improve: Nothing that we could find.”

After receiving these accolades, Park Manager Emilio Llopiz and Administrator Margot Perron presented special first place ribbons for the maintenance, security and lifeguard staffs plus our loyal police officers from the 50th precinct. Heads of these different staffs met weekly to keep all pool procedures going smoothly throughout the summer.

Sure there were some crazy days during the heat of summer, but that's expected. The key is good communication so that when the going gets tough, the staff reacts as a team at a moment's notice. Pool Manager Kathy Walker, Lt. Life Guard Frank Diaz, and PEP Sergeant Darlene Lewis work in partnership with the local precinct officers to keep everyone safe, happy and wet.

Now the pool “hibernates” until summer 2009. See you next year!

Written by Margot Perron, Van Cortlandt Park Administrator


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