Van Cortlandt Park

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Van Cortlandt Park — more than a thousand acres atop the ridges and valleys of the northwest Bronx — is New York City's third largest park. Playing fields and playgrounds are scattered about the park's edges, surrounding a richly forested heartland fed by Tibbets Brook. The park is home to the country's first public golf course, the oldest house in the Bronx, and the borough's largest freshwater lake.

From the quiet green shade of its oak forests to the crisp white mantle of cricket players atop the Parade Ground, the park boasts a past rich in culture, well-versed in history, and blessed with the intrinsic beauty of nature.



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If you could visit the park every day for one activity, what would it be?

Directions to Van Cortlandt Park

Partner Organization

Van Cortlandt Park Alliance


Van Cortlandt Park Alliance: (718) 601-1460
Mosholu Golf Center and Driving Range: (718) 655-9164
Park Enforcement Patrol: (718) 430-1815
Special Events Permits: (718) 430-1848
Sports Permits: (718) 430-1840
Tennis Permits: (718) 430-1848
Riverdale Equestrian Centre: (718) 548-4848
Urban Park Rangers: (718) 548-0912
Van Cortlandt Golf Course: (718) 543-4595
Van Cortlandt House Museum: (718) 543-3344
Van Cortlandt Pool: (718) 548-2415
Friends of Van Cortlandt Park: (718) 601-1460
Van Cortlandt Nature Center: (718) 548-0912

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