Kissena Corridor Park

 Basketball Courts

How to Reserve an Athletic Field or Court

Organized leagues or special events need a permit to use an athletic field or court. For people under 18, the permit is free. For those 18 and over, a fee is required.

To reserve space, please see our Athletic Permits and Applications page.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, basketball courts are re-open, and rims will be re-installed beginning July 6. Participants should continue to wear face coverings, follow social distancing protocols and avoid high-contact pick-up games.

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Find out which athletic fields have been permitted and see what’s available for the current season at Kissena Corridor Park

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List of Basketball Courts

Capt. Mario FajardoKissena Blvd. & Booth Memorial Blvd.
Lawrence St.Lawrence St., College Point Blvd. and Queens Botanical Gardens
Rachel Carlson ParkColden St. & Juniper Ave.
Rachel Carson PlaygroundColden St. & Juniper Ave.
Silent Springs PlaygroundColden St. & Geranium Ave.

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