Forest Park


Pine Grove

This stand of pine trees was planted in 1914, after a fungus infected and killed 15,000 chestnut trees in 1912.  Through the years, new pines have been planted in… Read More

Richmond Hill War Memorial

In 1923 plans were drawn up for a memorial at the Myrtle Avenue entrance to Forest Park’s main thoroughfare, signifying a new “Memorial Drive,” and 70… Read More

Sgt. Joseph E. Schaefer Oval

Joseph E. Schaefer (1918-1987) was a resident of Richmond Hill who distinguished himself in World War II for having repelled, almost single-handedly, a Nazi attack on… Read More

Sobelsohn Playground

William Sobelsohn (1929–1982) was an activist in the Kew Gardens community. He was born in Brooklyn on July 6, 1929 and graduated from Queens College. He and his… Read More

Statue of Job

This five-foot bronze statue of Job, mounted on a two foot schist and concrete base, is one of two casts of a sculpture created by Natan J. Rapoport (1911-1987) for the… Read More

The Carousel

The Forest Park Carousel holds some of the last surviving creations of master wood-carver Daniel Carl Muller. After emigrating from Germany in the 1880s, Muller settled… Read More

The Overlook

In 1898 the five boroughs were consolidated to form the City of New York; at that time what was then the Brooklyn Parks Department managed the parklands in what is now all… Read More

Wallenberg Square

This square honors Raoul Gustav Wallenberg (1912-1947), the heroic rescuer of numerous Hungarian Jews from the Nazi policies of persecution and extermination during World… Read More

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Directions to Forest Park

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