Alley Pond Park

Little Neck Bay to Springfield Blvd, Union Tpke


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Alley Pond Park offers glimpses into New York’s geologic past, its colonial history, and its current conservation efforts. Because of its glacier-formed moraine, the park has numerous unique natural features, like its freshwater and saltwater wetlands, tidal flats, meadows, and forests, which create a diverse ecosystem and support abundant bird life.

The park is also home to New York City's first public high ropes adventure course (the largest in the Northeast), part of the Urban Park Rangers' larger Alley Pond Park Adventure program. A low–cost outdoor education and adventure program, Alley Pond Park Adventure teaches participants how to canoe, use a compass, fish, and enjoy a natural setting without leaving NYC.

To top it off, Alley Pond Park has all the amenities you'd expect from a neighborhood park--playgrounds, barbeque areas, and courts and fields galore!

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Directions to Alley Pond Park

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