Prospect Park


Horse Tamers

The Horse Tamers , by Frederick MacMonnies (1863-1937), is one of many sculpture groups in the outdoor collection of New York City’s parks. Dedicated in 1899, the… Read More

Lena Horne Bandshell

What was here before? Planning for Prospect Park started in 1859; it was designed in 1866 by Fredrick Law Olmsted (1822-1903) and Calvert Vaux (1824-1895) and… Read More

Lioness and Cubs

This bronze sculpture depicting a mother lion nursing her cubs was created by French artist Victor Peter (1840–1918). The piece, located east of the sea lion pond at… Read More

Ludwig Van Beethoven Statue

This bronze bust of the world renowned German composer Ludwig van Beethoven (1770–1827) was created by the German-American sculptor Henry Baerer (1837–1908).… Read More

Marquis De Lafayette

This bronze sculptural tableau depicts the French-born Revolutionary War hero, the Marquis de Lafayette (1757–1834) with an African American groomsman, and… Read More

Maryland Monument

This Corinthian column topped by a marble orb commemorates the bravery of the Maryland 400, the company of Maryland soldiers who fought at Lookout Hill, in what would… Read More


When President Theodore Roosevelt (1858–1919) left office in 1909, his cabinet presented him with Alexander Phimister Proctor’s sculpture Stalking Panther… Read More

Peter and Willie

This bronze sculpture features Peter and his dachshund, Willie—familiar characters in the stories of best-selling children’s book author Ezra Jack Keats… Read More

Prospect Park - the Wetlands of New York City

New York City once contained 224,000 acres of freshwater wetland. This valuable ecosystem can slow erosion, prevent flooding by retaining storm waters, filter and… Read More

Prospect Park War Memorial

This monument by Augustus Lukeman (1872–1935), with assistance from Daniel Chester French Associates, honors military personnel from Brooklyn who died serving during… Read More

Directions to Prospect Park

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