Prospect Park


List of Bathrooms

NameLocationOpen Year-RoundAccessible
Stewart PlaygroundParade Pl. between Woodruff Ave. & Crooke Ave.NoAccessible
Lincoln Rd PlaygroundLincoln Rd. & Ocean Ave.Yes
Prospect Park BandshellHarmony Playground, 11th St. & Prospect Park WestYesAccessible
Children's CornerWillink Hill, Ocean Ave. & Flatbush Ave.Yes
The Picnic HouseLong Meadow at West Dr. & 5th St.YesAccessible
The WellhouseLookout Hill, Well House Dr. & West Dr.Yes
LeFrak Center at LakesideThe Lake, Parkside Ave. & Ocean Ave. EntranceYes
Parade GroundBetween Parkside Ave. & Caton Ave, and Rugby Rd. & Argyle Rd.Yes

Directions to Prospect Park

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