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Barbecuing Areas

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Designated Barbecuing Areas

Barbecuing Rules

Please be cautious when barbecuing and keep a safe distance from patrons, children, and trees. Be courteous to others and please clean the area carefully before you leave. Events involving more than 20 people require a special events permit.

Our rules prohibit:

  • Littering and dumping of debris
  • Propane
  • Barbecuing in non-authorized areas
  • Barbecuing next to trees, tree roots, or buildings. Please keep ten feet or more away from any structures.
  • Any type of open, ground, or camp fire. Please barbecue at least three feet off the ground.
  • Barbecuing by anyone 18 years or younger

Cleaning Up

All coal and matches must be disposed of in designated red barrels. Please do not place anything flammable in a regular litter barrel. Use water to extinguish hot coals. Improperly dumped coals or matches can do major damage to our parks.

List of Barbecuing Areas

Bayswater ParkBeach Channel Drive and B32 Street
Bayswater ParkBeach Channel Drive and B32 Street
Prospect ParkArea north of the Bandshell
Prospect ParkNorth area of Long Meadow
Prospect ParkVanderbilt Oval (area near Vanderbilt Street and Prospect Park South West)
Prospect ParkArea north of Picnic House
Prospect ParkPeristyle Lawn (near Parade Place and Parkside Avenue)
Prospect ParkArea near Lincoln Road and East Drive
Prospect ParkArea south of the Picnic House
Prospect ParkParkside Lawn (near Parkside Avenue and Ocean Avenue)
Prospect ParkPark Circle area near Parkside Avenue and Prospect Park Southwest/Coney Island Avenue
Prospect ParkArea near the Well House
Prospect ParkThe Nethermead
Prospect ParkArea south of the Bandshell
Prospect Park15th Street Lawn South (near 15th Street and Prospect Park West)
Prospect Park15th Street Lawn North (near 15th Street and Prospect Park West)
Prospect Park10th Avenue Lawn (at Prospect Park Southwest)

Directions to Prospect Park

Know Before You Go

Prospect Park

The Bailey Fountain is turned off in preparation for the plaza's renovation, which is slated to begin in July 2022. Visit the Prospect Park Capital Projects Tracker to learn more about the project.

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