Pelham Bay Park


By Car:

The Bruckner Expressway/New England Thruway has two park exits, "Country Club Road/Pelham Bay Park" and "Orchard Beach/City Island." So does the Hutchinson River Parkway at "Pelham Parkway East" and "Orchard Beach/ City Island." Pelham Parkway serves as a cross-town route to the park.

By Bus:

The Bx12, Bx29, Bx5, Bx52, and Westchester Line number 45 serve the park. Orchard Beach is served by the Bx5 and Bx12 buses during the summer only. During the winter, take the Bx29 to the City Island Circle and walk to the beach.

By Subway:

Take the IRT Number 6 line to its last stop, Pelham Bay Park.

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