Marine Park Hiking Trails

Marine Park is our largest park in Brooklyn. It is home to many species of birds, crabs, fish, and other wildlife that rest, nest, and feed in its preserved wetland and grassland areas sprawled across 800 acres. Head out on one of the park’s nature trails and discover Brooklyn’s natural beauty at this waterfront park.

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Points of Interest

Salt Marsh Nature Center

The overlook at the Salt Marsh Nature Center offers views of both sides of Gerritsen Creek, as well as White Island. Shore birds and turtles are commonly seen there, and during the center’s business hours, there is a free monocular scope set up for viewing. You’ll see wood pilings across the creek. These pilings are what remains of our nation’s first tide-powered mill, which was built in 1645 and destroyed in a fire in 1935. The Salt Marsh Nature Center also offers free nature programs hosted by our Urban Park Rangers.

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Tidal Marsh Bridge Lookout

This bridge passes directly adjacent to the water and on the east side of the creek and is a great spot to view birds, turtles, fish, and wetland grasses.

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Grassland Lookout

This point offers a 360-degree view of the restored grasslands on the eastern side of Marine Park.

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High Marsh Lookout

From this raised platform on the water’s edge, you’ll see the restored tidal wetlands on the eastern shore of Gerritsen Creek, and preserved natural areas on the western side of the creek.

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Osprey Nest Lookout

From this point, you can clearly see the platform where a nesting osprey pair has nested for the past several years. These majestic birds mate for life and build their nests high up in tall trees and on utility poles near waterways where they can find fish to eat. During the summer months the osprey are frequently visible.

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Mudflat Lookout

From this spot at the northern end of the western side loop trail, you’ll see tidal mudflats at the head of Gerritsen Creek, the Salt Marsh Nature Center, the restored eastern side wetlands, and grassland. Shore birds are frequently seen on the mudflats.

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White Island Lookout

This overlook is directly across the creek from White Island and offers direct views of both the restored grasslands and wetlands on the island. It is also a great spot for looking north to Manhattan.

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The Point Lookout

This point at the southernmost end of the western shore of the park has a large, sandy beach frequented by fishermen. It offers views of White Island and Manhattan, as well as the adjacent Belt Parkway overpass and beyond that to Jamaica Bay.

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