Goodhue Park Hiking Trails

Goodhue hiking trail

Become enchanted by the beauty of Goodhue Park's woodland areas and ponds flanked between by Jones Woods Park and Allison Pond Park. 

White Trail: At just over two miles long, the white trail offers users a varied hiking experience through native hardwood forest, along ridges and past wetlands. Explore nearly every corner of the park while getting a nice long workout.

Red Trail: The red trail loop is easily accessible, relatively short at 0.8 miles, and ideal for dog walkers because of its wide tread and open sight lines.

Blue Trail: The blue trail loop is the shortest in the park at 0.7 miles and offers an up-close look at three kettle ponds – ideal for doing less walking and more wildlife viewing!

Interactive Map

Blue Trail

Red Trail

White Trail

Download the Goodhue Park Trail Guide.

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